Sunday, March 02, 2008

Ahhh, Colorado

We arrived home today after a quick trip out to Colorado. We went to our favorite place: Snow Mountain Ranch, YMCA of the Rockies. This time we took the Amtrak. What a nice way to travel! Lots of leg room, no stopping to go pee, no driving all night long, and sleeping is possible and somewhat restful on the overnight trip!

In spite of a total lack of motivation and complete feeling of relaxation I managed to go skiing once and OF COURSE it was worth it!

Here are some of the kids we took with us. They were playing "Mafia" outside our rooms and having a good time. We couldn't have had a better group of kids. 24 of us in all - 9 adults and the rest kids ranging in age from 1st grade to 9th grade.

Our good friends from Illinois also joined us... Here Beth is getting Colin ready to ski with some help from a friendly dog named Copper.

Here Chelsea recovers from a crash while her mom looks on.

I fell through the snow crust while snow-shoeing. It's hard to describe but there is just something about breathing in that mountain air when the sun is shining! It is one of my most favorite things in the world to stand in the snow - looking at the mountains - breathing deeply of God's magnificent creation!
As much as I love Colorado and the mountains I did not have the strong longing to live in CO like I have every other time I've been there. I missed my baby, my house, my home.... I guess being settled makes a difference. And Iowa -- it's not too bad!

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