Sunday, January 17, 2010

Big Boys

As of approx. 1.4.10 Andrew can sit up unsupported. As usual he is a happy guy and very pleased with himself when he can sit. He has not gotten himself up into a sitting position from laying on the floor (yet).

This was taken tonight. Andrew's first 2 teeth just broke the surface today and Aaron discovered it!! You would think I would have figured it out first since I'm nursing him (Andrew, not Aaron). The teeth are the 2 bottom middle.

Gabe has really gotten into Monster Jam Monster Trucks lately. He got 2 new ones at Target tonight. That puts his total at 5. He has Predator, Superman, Taz, Brutus, and Eliminator.
He desperately wants Grave Digger, Batman, and Bounty Hunter. So if you see any of those please buy them and send them to Gabe! Don't worry though he is still in love with Lightening McQueen and Thomas the Train.

Love these 2 cute pictures!

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