Thursday, February 04, 2010

Super Tired

At about 6:30 last night Gabe was begging for his pajamas (WEIRD) so I obliged. He played for a while then we turned on the TV and found Curious George. I then went and messed around on the internet for a while and came back to find Gabe totally crashed in the recliner.

It was classic Gabe: 2 Kitties, his "football" blankie, footie jammies, sleeping in the recliner like he used to do at Nancy's.

This picture is how I actually found him and then he flipped around like in the picture above.

Aaron got home from teaching confirmation at about 9 and we debated trying to move Gabe for fear of waking him. We decided to give it a try and he didn't even stir. We figure he slept about 13 hours last night.

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