Sunday, June 27, 2010

Oleson Park

Today Gabe, Andrew and I went on a big adventure to Oleson Park in Fort Dodge. They have a petting zoo, playground, and splash pad (we skipped that today... no swim trunks or sunscreen). I'm wondering why this was the first time we'd been here and why no-one talks about it? We had a great time and the boys were SO good.

Andrew reaching out to pet this goofy goat.

Gabe held this rabbit for about 20 minutes! It just stayed in his arms like this the whole time.

This little girl asked if I would take a picture of "her" bunny.

I think this peacock wanted a girlfriend.

The 2 cutest kids on the playground...

We concluded our Ft. Dodge excursion with a trip to Target where Gabe got a spiderman action figure, Lightening McQueen crayons and Andrew got a mirror for the car (so I don't keep asking Gabe "is Andrew asleep?"). We had a snack before we left Target.... Gabe had a hot dog (no bun) and I had a salad. Andrew ate some chicken and some hot dog.

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