Thursday, August 26, 2010

Fuzzy Faces

My once-beloved cats have both been having some hair issues lately. They shed so much that Aaron regularly shop-vacs out the atrium. Jimi has been unable to keep herself really clean since she moved outside and subsequently her fur matted up pretty bad. SO, I spent 90 bucks and had her fur trimmed into a cute "lion cut" as the vet called it.

This photo shows the difference where they did not cut the fur on her head. Her fur is SO SOFT now and she is quite fun to hold and pet as she doesn't shed all over you since most of the fur is gone!

This is a good photo of the end of her tail. It has a little puff on the end and is really quite funny looking!

Sadie's fur has not matted but here is an example of the volume of fur that they are shedding. I used "the furminator" brush on her and she was in heaven!

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