Sunday, November 21, 2010

The past few days...

We have spent playing, working, etc. Here Andrew was saying "Cheeeeeese".

Gabe cleaning up his monster trucks. He loves to play in the water.

Baby Bumblebee transformer. I love this picture!

Optimus Prime costume (THANK YOU Grand auntie Linda & uncle Jim Gma Mitzi) with a Bumblebee mask. He is currently sleeping in this costume.

Kent & Dee brought over a puppy and Andrew was in heaven! It was so cute to watch and listen to him interact with the puppy.

Last Monday we got to watch Gabe's tumbling class at the parent's open house. Gabe did pretty good considering he is one of the youngest in the class. Let's just say he wasn't the WORST at anything!!! He sure was fun to watch. Here he is with his teacher "Mr. Cal" practicing some sort of back roll/landing on your feet thing.

I never give Andrew a bowl and spoon but I did tonight. He really impressed me with his skills! He did great with the spoon and had fun!

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