Sunday, December 26, 2010


Our first attempt at a Christmas picture. This was the best result...

Second attempt results were much better!

some craziness too...

Opening presents on Christmas Eve.

Andrew had a great time opening presents. His favorite part was watching Gabe open them and then trying to take what Gabe had....

Gabe and Iron Man. This Iron Man talks.... and lets just say that Andrew got hold of it in church Christmas morning.... Oh well, one more thing for the parishioners to laugh about!

Andrew and I were EXHAUSTED after we opened presents on Christmas Eve.

Andrew enjoyed his Jelly Belly beans from Santa. Then he dumped them all over the floor!

Christmas supper... Andrew once again impressed me with his spoon skills.

.... and once again Gabe had to be forced to eat through bribery and coercion!

We had a great Christmas spent at home! The boys will go up to the farm now for a few days and Aaron and I will enjoy some much needed down time!

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