Monday, January 17, 2011


Last week we made a trip down to Stuttgart, Arkansas to visit our fave friends. The guys went hunting and Katie and I hung out with our kiddos. It was a great time with GREAT hosts! Thanks Matt, Katie, Claire, and baby Jay!

My pictures are in no particular order because I find it very annoying to upload pictures in order on blogger. So. There it is....

Andrew and Claire playing on her trampoline.

Katie's cooking. DELICIOUS, ALWAYS!

Claire "helping" Andrew find something.

Optimus Prime and Bumblebee. Poor Claire was inundated with all things BOY when Gabe arrived.

My 2 favorite baby boys! Andrew was eating M&M's if you're wondering what is in his mouth.

Kiddos eating pizza.

We went to the children's museum in Little Rock on Friday. Andrew and Gabe were checking out the light house. I'm not sure what Gabe was doing here but I love the look on his face.

Crawling through the tunnel....

Andrew too!

My good eater.... He LOVED the hummus we had at the River Market in Little Rock. He cried when I took it away but we HAD to go because Jay had just peed out his diaper down Katie's leg!

Gabe & Claire waiting for their lunch in Little Rock.

Oh my goodness, our friends Bradley & Heather have 3 kids under the age of 3. Here big brother Wesley is trying to pose for a picture with Abigail (R) and Addison (L).

Papa Matt with his baby boy Jay

Aaron with Addison (check out cute Andrew in the background).

Aaron with Abigail

(see, the pictures are out of order). Gabe in the light house again.

Probably the best pic we got of the 3 Farmer kids together!


2 tired kids watching a video.

Andrew fell in love with Claire's toy strollers. I was afraid I would have to buy him one but when we got home he started pushing around his toy lawn mower. Last night I attached a basket to his lawn mower with zip ties and now he can walk his monkey around at home!

What a great time we had in Arkansas, can't wait to go again!

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