Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Uncle Mike & Aunt Laura's Wedding Part I

The Flatau "kids".... LOVE this picture!

Awww, Dan & Holly!

Awww, Gary & Mitzi!

Awww, Jon & Heidi!

Awww, Gramma with one of her 3 favorite little boys...

Poor Bauer! All Andrew did was strangle him, hit him, push him, and beat up on him. What is wrong with my son???!!!!???

Bauer & his mommy feeling their bellies!!

OK, here Andrew wasn't trying to beat up on Bauer. They were loving watching all the uncles and daddy's get the snowmobiles ready!

Bauer & his Uncle Mikey, so cute!

WHOA. That is a lot of Flatau's in one small space. Whoa.

Uncle Mikey with his new mother-in-law, Marge!

Gorgeous altar where Mike & Laura made their commitment!

....more to come.....

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