Sunday, April 17, 2011

I Love My Kids!

Andrew woke up before Gabe this afternoon and was playing by himself. I had to come check on him when it was a little too quiet.... This is what I found. He was playing on the shelf!

Monster Jams was on the regular non-cable TV today and they LOVED it! Sat by each other and soaked it all in... Then they had to get ALL the monster trucks out. I am in love with this picture!

Reading and being silly tonight. Gabe calls Aaron out when he "misses" some of the pages in the book.

Andrew in his new jammies. What a doll!

Gabe wanted me to take his picture. I took it like this 3 times....

until I convinced him to OPEN his eyes!

The latest news from Iowa is that we moved Andrew's crib into Gabe's room on Friday night. So they now officially "share" a bedroom and so far they love it.... They have been sleeping good and it seems to have strengthened their brother bond in a short period of time. The first thing Gabe did is teach Andrew how to climb out of his crib (bummer for us)... And as a matter of fact it is 10:10 right now and they are both still awake, so maybe the plan is backfiring on me as I write! I hope not....

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