Sunday, November 13, 2011

We are SO lucky!

I guess not lucky but blessed is a much better word.  Our boys are blessed because our family loves them so much!  And they have a Great Grandma, too.

Tuesday November 8th Aaron and his dad took the boys all the way to great Grandma Gena's house in North Dakota.  They got to check out a lot of fun things there including uncle's Larry & Jerry's HUGE wood pile.  And yes it's true, that is a picture of uncle Jerry!

Sitting down for lunch in great grandma's kitchen.

Gabe and Larry.  It looks like Larry's lunch is a plate full of doughnuts.  Lucky guy!

Great Grandma Gena and her first 2 great grand babies.

Andrew and great auntie Nancy

A nice hug for grandma!

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