Saturday, December 10, 2011

Pics with Dad

Our boys like to have their pictures taken with dad.  Here Andrew was posing with dad because of how handsome he looked in his suit!

This morning these boys wore their Iron Man shirts to play practice at church.

Andrew did not want to be left out of the pics!

And on a somewhat unrelated note I feel I must mention that I bought a new CD the other day for the boys.  I knew they would like it but I didn't know how MUCH they would like it!  It is 'Party Like a Preschooler' by GoFish.  Love those guys!  And Andrew thinks it is so cool when I tell him when Andy is singing (in case you don't know we have met one of the singers in the group) because they have the same name...  So if you hear me humming 'John Jacob Jingle Heimer Schmidt' or 'The Wheels on the Bus' you know why!

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