Friday, May 11, 2012

New Camper + Water Fight Aftermath!

 Here is one of our latest endeavors... the purchase of a pop-up camper.  We have been camping in the yard (me once, Gabe and Andrew twice, Aaron multiple times) and so far, so good!
 We got it from some friends and it is very nice!
 Easily sleeps 5.... could sleep 6 or 7 depending on how comfortable you want to be!

 A few evenings ago my boys got into a BIG water fight in the driveway.  They all had a great time and when they came in Andrew was shivering and shivering but SOOOO happy!  I am so glad that my boys have a dad who will do all these crazy, rough-housing sorts of things with them.  It is def. a boy thing but so important for their growth and identity.  LOVE MY HUSBAND!!!!

Had to post this pic due to the sheer SIZE of Andrew's smile!

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