Wednesday, June 06, 2012

"pike my hair" and push-ups

Andrew likes to have his hair "piked" aka spiked.  He asked me to spike his hair while he was in the bathtub dumping water on his head.  I told him to wait until he got out of the tub.  So of course we had to "pike" his hair before he was dressed.


Gabe came in the bathroom and got a spike too.  Then we proceeded to take pics in the mirror.  The silly picture was actually the best one we took!

Gabe has been focused on "getting strong" lately.  I told him to do pull-ups on the monkey bars, which he does but always calls them push-ups.  So I figured I better show him what an actual push-up looks like.  ANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNND since I can't do a "real" push-up I enlisted Aaron's help.  So here is a pic of all my boys getting in a workout.

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