Monday, July 02, 2012

Boating with our boys!

Sunday evening we took a little trip out to Twin Lakes by Manson, Iowa.  First we had a picnic when we got there (sandwiches, chips, corn on the cob and rice-krispie bars), then we went boating!

The boys LOVE to swim in the lake.  Mom, not so much.  I just supervise.

One, Two, Three!

There is no other way to say it... Gabe is just a stud in the water!  Here he was jumping backwards off the boat.  LOVE the huge smile on his face as he does something he has never done before.

Jumping as FAR as he can...  He also swam around the boat two times (with dad following of course).

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Aunty Jill said...

Daredevils! How fun that the boys have a Daddy that likes to swim with them...and a Mommy that takes good pictures!