Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Emily's Wedding Weekend

Auntie Emily married Uncle Rob on July 21st.  Aaron was the "officiant" and it was an awesome wedding weekend!

Unfortunately I don't have many pictures because I was busy taking care of my boys and Aaron was busy being a pastor.  I wish I had a good pic. of Emily and Rob but I know the wedding photographer got some really really nice ones of the family.... so I am looking forward to those!

Here Andrew and Bauer are cracking up at the water table.

Me spending some time with the best father-in-law in the world!

Gabe working really hard on being a good boy and eating his supper.

A beautiful picture of the farm taken by Aaron.  Sort of a different perspective/angle than the farm is usually photographed.

We took a really fun hay ride the evening before the wedding.  Uncle Mikey and his sweet boy Tommy were getting ready to go!

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