Tuesday, September 18, 2012

NoDak time!

The boys and I traveled to ND for my cousin Erika's wedding.  It was a quick trip and lots of fun!

Andrew was delighted with the tractor....

Family shot.  Missing Aaron!

Gramps and his little buddy who fell asleep during the wedding.

Erika did an amazing job decorating for the reception.  Really top notch!


Cousin time... Marty, Heidi, and Maria.  Well I guess Marty and Heidi aren't cousins to each other.  But whatever.

Love my Gabey Baby!

..and my Drewey Mooey!

... and my Sydney.... ummm... Bear?!?

Gramps and his buddy/shadow.

more Gramps and his shadow/buddy.

Sweet Macklin sharing his snack with Gabe.  Macklin was the ring-bearer and the son of one of my high school classmates, Mike Kelly, who is the brother of the groom!

Auntie Linda and Uncle Dan, my godfather.  Parent's of the bride.

Exhausted on our way home.  He is holding his change from the 5 bucks Grandma Di Ann gave him to spend.

Giant moth on the grent's back door.

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