Tuesday, January 08, 2013

A Major Bleed

Although I don't really WANT to write about this, I will.  For posterity sake.

Andrew had a major nose bleed on Thursday January 3, 2013...  It involved our first trip to the ER in Fort Dodge, Andrew almost passing out (eyes rolling back in the head a few times, etc.), an IV fluid drip, blood tests, trip upstairs to Dr. Delucca for cauterization (with silver nitrate) and packing, back down to the ER for monitoring and a urine test, lots of waiting and finally going home.

What a long day it was even though we were in the hospital for about 4&1/2 hours.  We had an AWESOME nurse named Shelby and Dr. Stoebe was great.  Dr. Delucca was also very good to us.

Through the weekend Andrew took his time perking up.  He was LOW on energy after all the blood loss and he was sick the 2 days prior to his bleed with a viral illness.  Ugh!

Monday the 7th of January he had the packing removed by Dr. Gonzales.  It was an interesting appointment to say the least BUT we came away from it feeling pretty good.  Dr. Gonzales did have to re-pack Andrew's nose because it started bleeding again but this time they used a dis-solvable packing. It oozed a lot that day but now today (the 8th) we have not really had any bleeding to speak of; praise God!

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