Monday, May 27, 2013

Our Sick Kitty

We noticed a few weeks ago that Cora had stopped jumping on the couch, table, etc.  Then we noticed she would only sit sideways, not on her butt. Then she stopped walking around much at all and started kind of hiding.

I finally got her to the vet this week and doc diagnosed her with an aortic thromboembolism.  Basically a blood clot from her heart that lodged by her back legs cutting off blood flow to that area of her body.

She was essentially becoming paralyzed and was in a LOT of pain. Doc told me that cats do not exhibit signs of pain until it is severe and she would cry out from standing up or anytime we touched her.

He started her on aspirin and we gave her morphine shots!  We were not too optimistic about her recovery but she started to improve Wed evening and is doing ok.  We are not giving morphine anymore and her mobility is better....

So we just continue to keep an eye on her.

P.s. doc has been practicing since 1976 and thinks he has maybe see. This once before!

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