Friday, September 20, 2013

Trying to be "normal"

There is a lot more of our summer health (or lack thereof) to continue.  But to be honest I don't really feel like detailing it much.  I feel like once I get some of this down then I can go back to some normal blogging.  I'll keep the rest of this concise.

I left off at July 13 when my parents arrived.  The next week Aaron stayed in the hospital slowly improving.  Big setback was when he developed 2 abscesses in his abdomen.  This is not uncommon after a ruptured appendix but sucked nonetheless.  He had to have more platelets and a CT guided needle aspiration of the areas.  Then 2 more drains were left in.

He was finally discharged on July 21st, day 14 of his imprisonment hospital stay.  He still had all 3 drains in and was on antibiotics but was good to get home.

Recovery has been very slow and has been hampered by 2 episodes of infection with Clostridium difficile.  He JUST finished a round of antibiotics for it and are praying it doesn't come back again.  If it does I am going to have him see a GI specialist for treatment as it is a difficult organism to kill.

Shortly after Aaron got out of the hospital Gabe came down with a GI infection called "crypto".  Cryptosporidium parvum was in the public pool and he developed vomiting, stomach cramps, decreased appetite and pretty severe diarrhea.  So that was a whole lot of fun to deal with!  He got on the right anti-protozoal medication and improved.

A week after Gabe started treatment I started coming down with symptoms.  Ugh.  Suffice to say I spent a few hours in the ER one day.  A few days later I spent the night in the hospital (August 6) for fluids and electrolyte/vitamin replacement.  I ended up out of work for a full week and only worked very short hours the next week.

Andrew managed to stay healthy throughout it all!

It was a crazy month and made for a long, tough summer.

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