Sunday, January 05, 2014

3 months!?!?

We have been busy, oh so busy!

I'll try to get a bit caught up here.  Ever since Facebook I find it harder and harder to update because I put highlights of our lives on Facebook instantaneously as they happen.  Actually it's not since Facebook it's since I got a smart phone.  A few clicks (2 to be exact) and a picture is posted.

But this is important for the non-Facebookers and for us as a sort of virtual scrapbook.

Highlights of the last 3 months (that I may or may not eventually get pictures up on here) include:

Halloween 2013
The birth of Emma Renee
Thanksgiving 2013
Our new puppy Veyron
Andrew's Thanksgiving and Christmas preschool programs
Sunday School Christmas Program
Lots of wrestling for Gabe
Some cub scouts stuff for Gabe
Family visiting for Emma's baptism
Family visiting for Christmas
Christmas 2013
NYE 2013
My return to work

It has been an awesome 3 months!  My time has been spent with all of the above activities plus taking care of a new baby and my 2 "big" boys.  Not to mention ALL the thank you notes I had the privilege of writing after receiving so many gift for our sweet Emma Renee.  We are truly blessed.

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