Thursday, March 26, 2015

Andrew Man

Our Andrew is quite the little man.  The most noteable thing about him (for me) is that he doesn't seem to ever. stop. talking.

This is the same child that I had evaluated by a speech therapist because I didn't think his speech was developing on schedule.  Seriously.  She told me he was fine and about a week later he started talking. And never stopped.

Today was a sad day because he is sick. He has been puking and had a fever.  He was so disappointed he couldn't go to wrestling at Team Valley because he was sick.

Here he is with his buddy Kyzer
And with his bobo (brother) at gma and gpas house.

Tonight as I was tucking them in to bed I told him some nice things about him:
1. His smile and how it lights up a room!
2. His ability to accomplish what he sets out to do. If he is going to clean: it will get done!  Play Legos? No problem. He accomplishes what he sets his mind to.
3. He is a good friend.

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