Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Up North!

Gabe's Grandpa Flatau couldn't wait to give him his first 4-wheeler ride. They cruised around the yard, and Gabe was pretty happy!

Gabriel's uncle Michael just ran Grandma's Marathon and he doesn't even look tired!

Uncle Jon and Gabe were getting re-acquainted

Gabe and Grandpa wore each other out....

After leaving the farm in Minnesota we made our way to North Dakota and Linda & Jim's lake cabin at Strawberry Lake. Here we are on Gabe's first pontoon ride.

A family picture with Jim & Linda's brand new cabin in the background. It is awesome!

Uncle Jim and Gabriel were playing together by the river rock fireplace

Gabe cuddled with his auntie Kristi and cousin Sydney

Check out that whopper!!! Aaron was quite the angler catching many small little blue gill and perch off the dock. Look closely or you might miss the fish in Aaron's left hand.

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