Thursday, June 28, 2007

Last Chance

Tonight is our last chance to post some pics until we get internet access up and running in Iowa. These are in no particular order and reflect our adventures in Minnesota and North Dakota.....

Gabe and his cousins Ben and Maggie

We had a little trouble getting a good picture!

Gabe's cousin Colby did a great job holding him!

Snuggling with great-grandma Gena!

Uncle Jerry... captured on camera!!!!

That's a baby picture of Aaron's... do they look alike???

Grandma Mitzi supervising the tire swing at the farm.

What a way to snooze!

Grandpa Schaefer with his two favorite grandkids!

Gabe and Grandpa .. Gabe's wearing the shirt grandpa got at a car show for him!

Grandpa Flatau fishing

Gabe proudly wearing his marines bib and onesie.... The few, the proud!

Yup, that's right I learned how to drive the 2+2 -- and how to work the baler!

We'll be posting updates as we get settled in Humboldt, Iowa! See you soon..........

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