Wednesday, July 18, 2007


We are now:
1. Officially connected to the internet
2. Unpacked
3. A pastor, pastor's wife, and pastor's kid

We still:
1. Miss our friends in St. Louis
2. Haven't switched our license plates and driver's licenses to be official Iowa residents

We have:
1. Been blessed with a warm welcome to Humboldt
2. Taken Gabe for his first bike ride (he didn't like it very much)
3. Fed Gabe solid food (he DOES like that!)

Here's a pic. of our living room a few hours after we closed on the house

Me & Gabe talking about our new house

Gabe dressed up like a gangsta for his gramma Mitzi

A sleepy boy playing in his new play contraption. The first time we put him in it his feet didn't touch the ground. Two days later he could touch with tippy toes, two weeks later he cruises around in it!

Here Gabe is helping cook in the kitchen. He had just gotten back from the ladies aid meeting at the church. He wore his "Little Lutheran" t-shirt to the meeting!

Gabe & his Uncle Jon sporting their backwards baseball caps...

A cute close-up in a cute sleeper from Gabe's friends Alex & Sabina.

This is the first time Gabe got to lay in his brand new crib! Gramma Mitzi and auntie Emily did a fantastic job staining the crib for Gabe!

Enjoying his crib...

OK, this was ordination/installation day for Aaron..... His relatives dressed Gabe up for the service (I told them to put the little hat on), except they have the hat on backwards.... This picture says it all! As soon as they got to the church, Uncle Jon said to take the hat off because it looks stupid. He might've been right!!! Check out his bib... How appropriate!

Gabe & auntie Emily cuddle in his room after they got most everything put away. We haven't hung up his pictures yet. You have to be careful about placement when you're dealing with concrete walls!!!

The fam

Mr. Clean?

Gabriel's latest trick is chewing on his toes. Babies have amazing flexibility!

This illustrates Gabe's lack of contentment when put down on the floor....

This is what we've been dealing with on a regular basis since moving to Iowa.... Fussy boy!

Here Gabriel models a cute sleeper from his Gramma Di Ann. Check out the feet!

Gabriel's first taste of solids are captured! July 2, 2007.

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