Saturday, August 18, 2007

6 Years Later...

As of today we have been married six years! It's hard to believe that much time has gone by - or not when you consider all that we've done in that amount of time. Regardless it is a celebration today - of love, family, and God's blessing of marriage! We will go out to eat in our new community as a family and spend the evening together.

The pictures on this post were taken with my new digital camera that I got for an anniversary present. It is much improved over the old one!

The picture frame for Aaron's hunting picture was his anniversary present from Gabe. We had it personalized from a dealer on e-bay.
Unfortunately the "deer" that is engraved on here is not the kind I thought it would be. Oh well, it still looks nice in the garage!

Project Progress:
Here is the progress on our staining projects. Aaron has done all the work and it looks great! Now they just need their finishing coats and hardware installed. We'll keep you updated...

Yummy toys -- everything goes in the mouth!

So Sleepy!

Pretty Pointer Profiles....

Maci watches out the window for her buddy Rowdy to come home

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