Saturday, April 05, 2008

Right now, it's about me.

That title probably turned most people off from reading this post. I know I know - I'm not nearly as exciting to read about or look at as Gabriel.

I thought a little explanation was in order for the lack of frequent posting... You see I have been working full-time (or more) for about a month. The difference in "free" time is significant..... I don't think I've even taken a picture of Gabriel for over a week.

Since we left St. Louis and moved to Iowa I have turned to the retail world of pharmacy. Not necessarily by choice - the nearest hospital jobs are in Ames (100 miles) or Spencer (not sure how far, but too far). In spite of my reluctance to turn to retail it has been surprisingly fulfilling. It is not challenging and I miss the professional atmosphere of the hospital but I can do this thing for as long as is necessary.

What, you say, is fulfilling? Mostly the relationships but also it's the service. I love that pharmacy can be a service profession (if you want it to be) and I love to do just that - serve the community. Helping people, making them smile, putting up with the absolute WORST people, dealing with narcotic seekers, comforting family members and praying for our sickest.

I can't tell you how many dead, dying, deathly ill people I saw in the hospital on a daily basis and rarely did I shed a tear or choke up. Now in retail I am dealing with my first customer that is nearing death and I can hardly look his daughter in the eye or talk to his wife on the phone without tearing up.

OK, I'm getting depressed - time to switch subjects.....

The rest of my time involves my son and my husband and his job. Aaron's job has been taking up much (most) of his time lately. He does a great job balancing things and dealing with everything. We try to enjoy the little time we have together as a family.

Tonight I grilled some chicken breasts and asparagus in our atrium. We enjoyed dinner together (at 8pm after Aaron got home from church) out in the atrium while Gabe played around and watched the dogs. It was a nice time together.... The weather is improving and I think it lightens everyones mood.

I'm running out of things to write -- anyways I appreciate all of you who read our blog and keep up with our lives. A big thank-you to those of you out there who keep your own blogs going so I can keep tabs on you. One of my favorite times of the day is checking my friends' blog to see who has made some updates --

Keep checking back -- I'll only be working full time until mid-May (I think) so I should get better about posting again real soon.


Cole said...

Thanks so much for this! It's SO nice to hear about you and Aaron as well. Mark and I were just wondering today "what did we ever do before Cole was botn." Free time is a thing of the past.. Hang in there!


Allison said...

You rock! It's nice to hear about your job and Aaron's, too. I can finally say I understand parenthood and how it changes everything...and thus I admire you for balancing life, work, and your mom skills! I'm glad to hear you guys are enjoying every free moment you have as a family. Enjoy!


Mommy and Daddy Snowden said...

Lindy! Thanks for the update on your life! Sounds a little like mine crazy and busy...If you are ever in town I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see you and meet Gabe!