Sunday, October 03, 2010


Over the past few months I have been learning to sew with the help of my mom and 2 of the gals at work. Jan (one of the gals at work) challenged me to make this apron. I finished it today and really had fun making it.

Andrew tried it out the other night by wiping snot on it....

Neck and Flanges

Close up of the corner of the pocket.

Close up of one of the flanges. My lines aren't perfectly straight. But if I would've used white thread no-one would be the wiser (note to self)!

Finished product. I can't wait to show Jan at work tomorrow!


The Henry's said...

Nice work Lindy!!! I would like to be able to sew too some day!!

Anonymous said...

Awesome. I tried sewing and decided I have alot more respect for all the clothes I buy made in China. I love your boys and all the pics. Miss You. :)


Jaros Family News said...

Great job Lindy! It looks beautiful... I really enjoy sewing. I have made a few things for the girls, blankets for their babies, baby blankets, costumes... the options are endless. :)