Sunday, September 26, 2010


We have been to Minnesota for Bauer's 1st birthday party. I think I've got the pictures in reverse order; oh well!

Mr. Drew being a cute little traveler on our way back home Saturday.

Gabe snoozing on our way home. He was exhausted and slept for over 2 hours.

Andrew & Grandma reading in Jill & Craig's yard.

Snoozing in the tire swing at auntie Jill's. Uncle Mikey pushed the swing until little man was asleep.

Bauer riding his tractor.

Andrew played in the sand and got really dirty!

Bauer liked his cake!

Andrew & Bauer liked each other and gave each other hugs & kisses before we left.

Gilbert had fun at the party, too.

Hey, it's OK to ride backwards!

Gabe being a cutie pie... as always.

I don't know what to say about this.

Grandpa & Andrew checking out some green tractors.

Last weekend we had some fabulous help to build the playground!

Hard workers!

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Cole said...

That is an AWESOME playground guys! Can I come play on it?!