Wednesday, July 13, 2011


If you don't already know this, Aaron is very into archery. More the primitive type... stickbows, wood arrows. I guess "traditional" archery is a more accurate term. We have shot a lot of bow and arrow in our time together and Aaron has passed his interest on to our kiddos.

So we happened to find a traditional bow at Jax in Ames, Iowa for Gabe to try out. He loves it and wants to shoot all the time.

Here Grandpa and uncle Jon were watching Gabe and Aaron shoot at a hay bale on the farm.

He has his own quiver and arrows. The following 3 pics are a series of him pulling an arrow, pulling back, and shooting.

Andrew always want in on the action..

Uncle Dan (also an archery enthusiast) and Gabe talking strategy and safety.

And not to be outdone Andrew shot a few rounds.

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