Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Rhett's Baptism Weekend in May

These pics will be in no particular order primarily because I find it very annoying to try to arrange pictures in blogger, especially with this many.

Gabe holding Rhett

Rhett all ready to head home.

Laura, Gabe and the dog Rusty playing ball.

our Rowdy dog

Drew playing in Grandma's rock garden, Rusty looking on in the background.

Rhett telling Dan all about his crazy hairdo. Rhett's crazy hairdo, not Dans!

More baseball with the always-willing auntie Laura.

Godparents Auntie Laura and Uncle Mike

I love this photo of the Walter family... it's so good and I really like how we caught Bauer throwing his shoe up in the air, kinda aimed at the altar.

Andrew enjoying his ice cream after Grandpa made him WAIT!

The "other" set of Godparents!

All 4 Godparents. Man, he is one lucky kid! :-)

Andrew and Bauer shoveling in auntie Holly's delicious cake after the baptism.

Here is the cake before we proceeded to down the whole thing.


Brother's Mike and Dan

Andrew and Gabe WAITING for their ice cream cones.

It was a fun weekend spent with family!

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