Monday, August 22, 2011

....and we have AnOtHeR trip to the ER....

Gabe tried to ride his bike one-handed tonight. It didn't work out so well and he ended up falling on his handlebars and splitting open his lower cheek. [He told me between sobs that he was trying to ride with one hand "because daddy can ride with one hand and with no hands". So we talked a little about using both of our hands for a while until we get a little older!]

I had gone inside to wash my hands and looked out the window and saw him laying on the driveway, mouth open, crying.... So I run out and see blood.... Assess the injury and decide we better go to the ER.

Since I was home alone with the kids (like I am most every night thanks to the life of a pastor) I tried to get hold of Aaron and failed. So we drove to the church, his car was there so I went in... he wasn't there (after running around the whole church... it's not small). All the while wondering how I'm going to handle Gabe getting stitches and Andrew being the handful that he can be???

When we arrived at the ER we got in right away (one of the MANY perks of small town life) and I called work to see if someone could come help me out with Andrew. April came over (God bless her!) and stayed with me in spite of the fact she had been working ALL day long.

Dr. Gerges was awesome and decided Gabe didn't need stitches and that steri-strips would do the job. What a relief for Gabe (and for me)! It only took a few minutes and there were no tears involved. Andrew was good as gold because April came armed with a sucker and M&M's (can you tell she's a mom?). So all in all it was not a bad experience.... Now we pray that the would heals well.... and that we don't have to go to the ER again for a LONG, LONG time!

A nice hug for dad...

Andrew was telling me about his owies too!

And my little stinker ready to read books!

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