Sunday, August 21, 2011

This week

I only managed to take a few pictures this week. It was a busy week of work and appointments! One more week left and then Gabe starts pre-school...

We found this frog in one of my flower pots this afternoon...

Last night the boys and I went to Subway for supper while Aaron was at church. The always eat SOOOO good there. They get a kids meal with a ham sandwich, juice and a cookie. They have to eat their sandwich first and then get the cookie. Gabe usually ends up eating most of Andrew's cookie as well.

Tuesday Andrew had his 2 year check up (2 months after the fact). He was NOT happy with the process and screamed for a large part of the exam. He had to have 1 shot... He made it very clear to me after the exam was over that he wanted to go H-O-M-E!

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