Monday, October 03, 2011

Cross Country & Des Moines

A few weeks Humboldt held their home cross country meet.  We haven't missed one yet since we moved here and the Wildcats did not disappoint!  Andrew was in top form as the above photo shows.  Although he does need to straighten out that arm swing.... :-)

That's our buddy Kalle in the blue.  She is an AWESOME runner but is out now with some hip problems.  Sad cause it's her senior year.  We hope she'll be back in time for sectionals and state!

I had some clingy boys while we waited for the runners.  That's about 75 pounds I'm holding there.

Well that didn't last long!  Andrew wanted down and then Gabe started slipping....

Oh my!  This is such a silly boy.  He wanted the stickers on him like a tattoo.  So of course I helped him out!

We had a mini vacation 2 weekends ago in Des Moines.  Aaron took the boys swimming while I got a few hours to shop.  I arrived back in time to photograph my little fish.

Yup, that's Andrew jumping in by himself.  He could also float around and swim a little with his life jacket.

No trip to Des Moines is complete without a trip to Toys-R-Us.  The boys had fun and each got some new toys!

Exhausted on the ride home.  Gabe slept the ENTIRE way from Des Moines until we pulled into our neighborhood.

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