Friday, October 28, 2011

Mayo Clinic 10.28.11

Andrew and Aaron had their annual nephrology appointments today in Rochester.  They both had good reports and tolerated their blood draws just fine.  Although Andrew did cry a little more than Aaron did.

Here Andrew was all done and all smiles as we waited for Aaron.  Gabe was completely distracted by the TV (cable!!!) so his smile was a little forced here.

Cheese!  Little Andrew's blood pressure was elevated during this visit so we need to keep an eye on it for 4-6 weeks to determine if an "intervention" needs to be made (medication).  I'm not sure how we are going to manage it yet but we'll figure out a way to get it done.

Another big grin for the ride home.

As a side note, more for my memory and to tell Andrew about when he was older: They put a little "baggie" over his business to catch a urine sample since he is not potty trained.  I had pretty much forgotten about the baggie since it took him FOREVER to fill it last time and we decided to go down to get some food.  I popped Andrew up on my hip and we got in the elevator.  I felt something warm and set him down when I saw "water" dripping off his shoe.  Thankfully we were alone in the elevator because the baggie had sprung a leak.  The elevator door opened and some poor lady saw us kinda acting weird with "liquid" on the floor of the elevator and she backed away saying "I'll take the other one".  Ha!  I cleaned up the floor of the elevator with 2 baby wipes and we hurried back up to the 16th floor where I knew there was a great "special needs" bathroom with a large counter for me to remedy the situation.  Amidst quite a bit of crying Andrew and I were able to salvage a sufficient sample and remove the apparatus from the poor kids skin.  We lost 1 pair of socks in the battle but amazingly there was only 1 little dot of "liquid" on my shirt and Andrew's pants.  After we had breakfast (finally) we drove to Fleet Farm and Andrew got a new pair of Minnesota Vikings socks to replace the other ones.  And a new John Deere dump truck for all his troubles!

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