Saturday, April 21, 2012

Silly Boys + Kyzer's 2nd Birthday!

These first 4 pictures were taken about a week ago.  It all started because Andrew was decked out in his Bison gear (yes, his shoes are on the wrong feet).

And not to be left out we had to snap some pics of Gabe.

"come on guys, hug for the camera!"

Silly faces!

Today we went to Kyzer's birthday party and had SOOOO much fun!
Aaron snuggling Tiptyn... Andrew checking her out; he liked her a LOT.

That hair!

Gabe, Andrew, Hudsen, and Kyzer in the box from Kyzer's new bean bag.

This is the best smile the birthday boy would give.... to me anyways!

Yummy monster truck cake!
Blow out the candle!

Wow, doesn't this look good on me???!!!???


Jill said...

Yes, in fact, the baby does look wonderful on you!! AND I really like the pink, too:)

Kristi said...

I agree Jill!! The pink and baby girl look REALLY nice sissy!