Tuesday, June 14, 2011


For little kids the city of Humboldt has what they call "Nearball". It is basically t-ball without many rules. The kids get to hit, run the bases, and try to field the ball. Gabe's first game was Wed. the 8th of June. They have only 3 games left and don't have any practices.

Gabe and his friend Braden in the dugout, getting ready to play.

Before the game.

Braden & Gabe

Here I had just put his t-shirt on him... He was being really quiet and not wanting to do much, come to find out he was "scared". So we had a little talk and then we found Braden.

After he found his friend things were just fine!

Since Gabe was worn out after the game Andrew pulled him to the car in the wagon. What a good brother!

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