Monday, June 06, 2011

Truly, truly a big boy!

Andrew is testing his mettle as a BIG boy. So far he has gotten stitches.... and tried out the big boy bed. Here he and Gabe have big smiles after Andrew got home from having 4 stitches put in his forehead.

Could care less that he got a big owie...

He fell in the garage at daycare and hit his head on something, likely the motorcycle but we're not sure. It was a nice, neat split in the skin, not too deep so it only needed 4 stitches on the surface layer of skin.

He screamed the whole time they put in the stitches. They had strapped to a "papoose board" so that he couldn't wiggle and a nurse had to hold his head tightly. I suspect that is the main reason he was screaming. I tried to talk over his crying and tell him stories about the farm and when he went fishing with uncle Mikey and auntie Laura. That helped him calm down some during the procedure, but not much.

As soon as they unstrapped him and I picked him up he shook his head and pointed to the door like "let's go mom!" He was not thrilled that we had to wait around a few minutes to get our discharge orders.

Now we have to keep it clean and keep antibiotic ointment on it at all times. Kinda hard when he is always rubbing it off but he is getting used to me putting the ointment on. Stitches should come out on Wed. or Thurs.

In other news he tried out the big boy bed a week ago or so. He only slept there one night but did well!

I guess we have a ways to go before he is officially a big boy.... getting rid of the bottle and potty training.... ugh... we'll see how that goes!

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