Monday, June 06, 2011

Tumbling Recital

This past year Gabe has been working on his "tricks" at tumbling class. They had their big recital last week. Gabe had fun! Here he is showing off his costume on the night of dress rehearsal.

Lining up before they went out on stage. Gabe is standing between some crazy twins, Graham and Adley. Shortly after this the tears started and a nice lady came and let Gabe move OUT from being between those two.

Here they were lining up for the finale and he was all smiles to be next to Corey and near his friend from daycare, Macy.

Giving Corey a funny look!

This was before their performance, after he was moved out from between Graham and Adley. The other boy with glasses, Henry, was much nicer to stand by and wait...

The girls from his tumbling class.

Coming out after the finale where they have a balloon drop..

After the recital at home with his balloons. My lovely friend April brought Gabe some candy and balloons for his first recital!

Of note is that we never actually saw the performance from the audience. Aaron had church and I stayed back with Gabe in case he was upset (like he was the night of dress rehearsal). BUT pretty much all Gabe's group did for their performance was cartwheels.... which Gabe can't do yet. He does this cute, sad, deliberate attempt and concentrates so hard... from what I hear the audience loved him and thought it was adorable! Since I didn't see it I ordered a video of the night (for $40), can't wait to watch it!

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Cole & Bryce said...

Nice job! Sorry about your head Andrew. That looks rough, but you are sure TOUGH!