Thursday, November 15, 2007

Gabe's Room

As promised here is a picture of the finished closet doors in Gabriel's room. We are pleased with how they turned out!

These letters and numbers were made by my Grandpa Johnson for my sister when she was a baby. My mom said he just sketched it out and then cut them out by hand (well with a saw obviously). I think when we were little they were red, orange, yellow, blue, green, and I can't remember. Kristi repainted them before Sydney was born and they hung in Syd's room for a while. Even though my Grandpa has been gone for a LONG time I know he would be pleased to see his letters up in Gabe's room!

Gabriel's room has been a work in progress but seems to finally be taking shape. Maybe someday we'll get color on the walls but for now it is a pretty nice room for the little guy. His furniture (crib, dresser, bookshelf) were bought unfinished and Aaron stained the bookshelf and dresser and Grandma Mitzi and auntie Emily stained the crib. The mobile hanging over Gabriel's changing table came all the way from Japan (thanks Matt & Katie). It is supposed to be the king and queen and 2 donkeys. I'm not sure of the significance of the donkeys but Gabe does like to look at it when he's getting cleaned up! I guess it makes sense to hang the donkeys over a changing table.... where I wipe his ...... Get it???

Gabe likes to rock and cuddle here for a few minutes before he goes to sleep. He has been sleeping through the night for about a month and it is wonderful! Sometimes he wakes up really early (like today) but then takes a good nap later on.

Here are some of Gabe's animals and books. He loves to hold onto and chew on the little board books. He hasn't taken much of an interest in stuffed animals yet except for pulling them off the shelf and chewing on the tags.

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