Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Good Times!

We have started to get busy again, as life in Iowa becomes 'regular' for us! We have a wonderful community to live in and our church family is a true blessing. Many, many people help out with Gabe and really love him. One family with four(!) daughters take care of him often. Every single member of their family has the initials KLB (even the dog). They are Kerry, Keri, Kaela, Kylie, Keagan, and Kosette (the dog is Kuster).

This particular family took Gabe with them to a pancake dinner at another church a few weeks ago. They had many people come up to them and say "oh, you finally got a son! What's his name"? They would tell them that his name is Gabriel but they call him Kevin to go along with their theme of K's!

We went to a bonfire at their house a few weeks ago and this is a picture of Gabriel and Kosette goofing around.

Gabriel had his first experience behind the driver's wheel at Wal-Mart in Fort Dodge, Iowa. Grandpa let him stand up on the seat and hold onto the steering wheel. It was so darn cute I had to take a picture!

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