Wednesday, November 14, 2007


When we moved into our house we knew there were a few things to get 'changed' relatively soon. The first thing we did is change out a freaky '70's light fixture in our dining area to a nicely updated fixture. The next thing we did (inside) is update the closet doors in Gabe's room. They are an interesting door... Wood frame with fabric covered plywood in the middle. Gabriel's room had a bright orange color straight out of the '70's. One of the panels is pictured below. Yikes!

With Grandma Di Ann's help we picked out a nice denim fabric at Hobby Lobby. Then Grandpa Schaefer helped me re-cover the plywood panel and put it back onto the frame. The result is a soothing dark blue. MUCH better than the orange, huh?

I will post a picture of the doors on the tracks with the new decorations as soon as I have a picture. If I went and got one now I would wake Gabe up -- and I'm just not gonna do that!!!!

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