Sunday, January 29, 2012

Current Project

I finally sucked it up and cut the fabric for this table runner:

I think I did a good job of cutting fabric this time.  When I first started to sew/piece I though this would be my favorite part.  Turns out it is not!  I find it somewhat confusing and seriously nerve wracking because you only get one shot when you start that rotary cutter going.  Now that I have it cut I can start piecing it together...  Should be pretty when it's done!
Due to my lack of confidence cutting fabric I thought I would watch some YouTube videos for tips.  Wow are there some bad ones out there!  There are also good ones but seriously scary what some people think are good tips... I thought this one lady was going to cut off her finger every time she made a cut!

I think the only thing that will help me is more practice and maybe one other kind of ruler... Like a 12 inch square or maybe a 24 inch square?  Not sure yet.  The reason I say that is because I find myself using the cutting mat as a guide when I know I should only use the actual rulers to measure. 

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