Sunday, January 15, 2012

Seizure & Recovery

I stayed home from work on Friday to be with Andrew because he was sick with a fever and the start of an ear infection and possible bronchitis.  He wasn't acting all that sick until after our nap.  He said his tummy hurt so I picked him up and he was HOT.  I didn't take his temp but gave his some liquid acetaminophen.  He threw that up within a few minutes so I broke out the acetaminophen suppositories (which I keep for just that reason).  He was really upset that I was going to put medicine "in your butt" (as I say) so I let him chill for a few minutes and then gave him the supp.  While giving him the supp. he twitched once and his eyes rolled a little so I quickly put his diaper back on and sat down holding him.  Almost right away he started having a seizure.  Muscle stiffness, jerking (tonic-clonic), loss of consciousness, the whole ball of wax.  I was in disbelief or amazement that this was happening.  Hard to explain.  Just autopilot.  Laid him on a blanket on the floor on his side.  Called 911.  Kenneled the dog.  Opened the garage door.  Made sure he was breathing.  Talked to him.  Checked his pulse. 

I took this picture right before I gave him the suppository because I couldn't believe how sick he was feeling.  I guess I was going to show it to Aaron?  I have no idea why I snapped some pics.

I didn't freak out because I know that fever seizures are benign.  I didn't freak out because I have seen seizures happen.  They are not fatal.  I didn't freak out because I knew we had a family history of these in Aaron.  I didn't freak out because I was praying for God to take care of Andrew.

The scariest part?
When he was completely unconscious after the seizure.  His pupils were fixed, non-responsive to light.  THAT scared me.  He did not respond to our voices.

The best parts? 
1.  I knew both deputies and the Sheriff by name.
2.  I knew one of the ambulance crew well.  I LOVE small towns!
3.  He cried when we got in the ambulance.  His cry.  His sound.
4.  Dr. Gerges was the ER doc.  He knows Andrew.  He is compassionate and smart.  He knows I am a pharmacist and speaks to me as a colleague.
5.  Pastor Raether was there with me.  I wasn't alone.  He made Andrew smile and laugh before he left.  We prayed.

I took this picture with my phone at the hospital after everything was "over".  He was resting and it felt so good to hold him.  He was clinging to me.

We were home in under 4 hours and he was completely back to himself.  Crazy!  I would just look at him running around and feel this sense of lack of understanding.  He was just having a seizure.  He was unconscious.  How can he be acting normal now??  Thank God!  He knows and He understands... all I can do is give thanks and praise.

I took this photo Saturday as my silly kids ate their lunch on top of the dog kennel.  Whatever works!  They were healthy and eating and not fighting so who am I to argue? :-)


Aunty Jill said...

You are a strong woman, LIndy!
All praise and thanks to Him:)
So glad that Andrew is doing well and being wild!

Anonymous said...

You are so brave! I would have Freaked out!! Your post just brings tears to my eyes; so glad that he is OK!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, Lindy, your story is amazing. And thank God lil Andrew is ok. What a moment of heartbreak and scariness. I am in awe of how you handled it. You are a tough cookie!
Love, Allison

Cole & Bryce said...

Hey Mama! We went through this with Cole too. My heart stopped all over again thinking of that minute when he was just "gone." Pure terror. and the moment when you hear them again - pure joy and relief. I'm so glad he's okay! Cole never had another. Hope the same for precious Andrew.