Wednesday, January 04, 2012

...more gooey s'mores....

OK, this one is called 'white chocolate s'mores gooey cake bars'.  With a name like that how could they be bad?  I linked up to this recipe on pinterest.  If you want the recipe click here.

These were RICH.  These were DELICIOUS.  However I can complain that the white chocolate chips that I could buy at HyVee in Humboldt were NOT chocolate.  If you could find real white chocolate chips I think these would be amazing, fantastic, etc....  So let me know if you find some of those, OK?

A few tips for making these:
1. Be sure your foil covers up the whole pan
2. Use non-stick foil
3. Bake at maybe 300 instead of 350.  The top browned way too quick on mine.  I took them out after about 21 minutes at 350.
4.  Use a plastic bag or plastic wrap or something to squish your top layer out on then just flip that over and put it on - there is no way you could squash it out on top of the marshmallows and you can't squash it out on the counter top because it just gets stuck.


Jill said...

You are quite the little baker:) I am impressed! I bet your boys are, too.

Mickie said...

I made these and they are delicious! It’s a recipe you want to make sure you never have the ingredients at home or you will make all the time.